Terms and Conditions

These GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS govern the relationship between Tweek Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com”, on the one hand, and the Website Users (hereinafter referred to as Users), on the other.

Tweek Ltd. is a company registered under the Commerce Act of Republic of Bulgaria, UIC: 205568496, with registered and management address:  1463 Sofia City, 27 Han Asparuh St., 6th floor, ap. 11 e-mail: info@craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com, phone number: 0889949852

Please read the full Terms and Conditions posted before using the Website. By visualizing the Website, each User shall become automatically obligated to comply with the terms and conditions described herein. 

This document contains information about the activity of “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com”, regulating the relationship between us and each of our users.

The company website is www.craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com and all its subpages.


Art.1. On the Website Users may receive information regarding the activity of “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com”.

Art.2. Users can make inquiries to “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” and enter into contract negotiations. through the contact form on the Website.

Art.3. Users voluntarily share their personal information in the contact form. 

Art.4. The only mandatory fields in the contact form are the name of the User name and their email. The data collected is for craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com to respond to the request.

Art.5. “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” delete all User’s personal data within 12 months from their collection. 


Art.6. Intellectual property rights over all material and resources available on the craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com website (including the available databases) are subject to copyright and related rights, are owned by craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com or, by the party appointed that has ceded the right to use craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com and cannot be used in violation of the applicable law.

Art.7. When copying or reproducing information beyond what is permissible, as well as in any other case of infringement of intellectual property rights over the resources of “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com”, “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” has the right to claim compensation for the direct and indirect damages suffered in full. 

Art.8. Except when expressly agreed upon, the User may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute or otherwise disclose information resources published on the craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com website.

Art.9. “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” shall take due care to enable the User to have normal access to the services provided.

Art.10.  “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” reserves the right to suspend access to the services provided. “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” has the right, but not the obligation, to remove information resources and materials posted to its website at its sole discretion. 


Art.11. “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” shall notify its Users of any changes to these General Terms and Conditions within 7 days of the occurrence of this circumstance to the email address specified by the User.

Art.12. Should the Users not agree to the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, they are entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason and without owing any compensation or penalty. In order to exercise such right, the User shall notify “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” within one month of receiving the notification under the preceding Article.

Art.13. In the event that the Users do not exercise their right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the procedure laid down herein, the amendment shall be deemed to have been accepted by the User with no objection.



Art.14. All issues not settled hereby shall be governed by the provisions of the applicable law of the Republic of Bulgaria.




“craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” collects and uses the information for the purposes of: 

  • direct marketing;
  • fulfillment of its contractual obligations to the Users.


“craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” processes the personal data of its Users on the basis of the contract between the User and “craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com”. 

The Users agrees to the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes by marking a check box.

The User may at any time withdraw from the consent given by marking a checkbox at ___________________

Users’ personal data shall be stored for a period of 2 years. 



Each User of the Website has all the rights to protection of personal data in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and the law of the European Union. Each User has the right to: 


  • Awareness (regarding the processing of personal data by the administrator);
  • Access to their own personal data;
  • Correction (if the data is incorrect);
  • Deletion of personal data (the right to be “forgotten”);
  • Restriction of processing by the administrator or the processor;
  • Transferability of personal data between different administrators;
  • Objection to the processing of their personal data;
  • The data subject is entitled not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing involving profiling which has legal effects on the data subject or similarly significantly affects them;
  • The right to a judicial or administrative protection in the event that the data subject’s rights have been violated.


The User may request deletion if one of the following conditions becomes present:

  • Personal data are no longer required for the purposes they were collected or processed for;
  • The User withdraws their consent, which the processing of the data is based on, and there is no other legal basis for the processing;
  • The User objects to the processing and there are no legal grounds for the processing to take precedence;
  • Personal data were processed illegally;
  • Personal data shall be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation under the European Union law or a Member State law applicable to the administrator;
  • Personal data were collected in connection with the provision of information society services to children and consent was given by the person bearing parental responsibility for the child.


The User has the right to restrict the processing of their personal data by the administrator when:

  • Challenges the accuracy of the personal data. In this case, restricting the processing shall be for a period allowing the administrator to verify the accuracy of the personal data;
  • The processing is unlawful, but the User does not want the personal data to be deleted, but instead requires a restriction on their use;
  • The administrator no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing, but the User requires it for the establishment, exercise or protection of legal claims;
  • Objects to the processing pending verification that the legal grounds of the administrator take precedence over the interests of the User.


Right to transferability

The data subjects shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning them which they have provided to the administrator in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format and shall have the right to transfer this data to another administrator without hindrance from the administrator whom the personal data were provided to, when such processing is based on consent or contractual obligation and is carried out in an automated manner. When exercising their right to data transferability, the data subject shall also have the right to receive and directly transfer their personal data from one administrator to another, where technically feasible.


Right to objection

Users have the right to object before the administrator against the processing of their personal data. The personal data administrator shall suspend the processing unless they prove that there are compelling legal grounds for processing that take precedence over the data subject’s interests, rights and freedoms, or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. When objecting to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, the processing shall be stopped immediately.


Claims to the supervisory authority

Each User has the right to file a claim against the unlawful processing of their personal data to the Data Protection Commission or to the competent court. 


The personal data administrator has the following obligations:

  • To process all data in accordance with the principles of personal data protection set out in the Regulation, and to able to prove it (accountability);
  • To provide data protection at the design stage and by default;
  • To notify the supervisory authority and the data subject in case of personal data protection infringement, as well as documenting any infringement of personal data security, incl. the facts related to the infringement, its consequences, the actions taken to deal with the infringement;
  • To conduct data protection impact assessments;
  • To apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, such as:
      • Pseudonymization;
      • Encryption;
      • Ensuring continued confidentiality, integrity, availability and sustainability of processing systems and services;
      • Timely restoration of availability and access to personal data in the event of a physical or technical incident;
      • Regular testing, estimation and evaluation of the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures;
      • Collaboration with the Data Protection Supervising Authority in fulfilling the obligations arising from the Regulation.
      • To develop and implement internal procedures for accepting, reviewing and responding, within one month, to requests by Users for the exercise of their rights as subjects of personal data.



“craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com” shall maintain a register of processing activities for which they are responsible. This register shall contain all the following information: 

  • name and contact details of the administrator;
  •  purposes of processing;
  • a description of the categories of data subjects and the categories of personal data; 
  • categories of recipients to whom personal data are being or will be disclosed, including recipients in third countries or international organizations; 
  • when applicable, time limits for deletion of the different categories of data; 
  • when applicable,  general description of the technical and organizational security measures.


The authority regulating the activity of craftbeerexperiencebulgaria.com is the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), with the following contact information:

For PDPC: 

  • website: https://www.cpdp.bg/ 
  • phone number: 02/91-53-518
  • email: kzld@cpdp.bg
  • address: 1592 Sofia City, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.