The hidden micro breweries of Sofia

Half-day tour

Surprisingly Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, does not have fancy craft breweries to show off but if you know where to look you could find some very charming microbreweries full of self-made equipment and gadgets. There, hidden away from public eye, passionate brewers create excellent beer.

You will visit 2 different independent microbreweries and will meet the owners in order to hear their stories, while tasting the beer and munching on some tasty snacks.

These breweries are not open to the public. We have a unique and exclusive relationship with them that will give you privilege access to them.

What’s included

Guided Tour

  • Visit of 2 breweries 
  • 3 beers x 300ml in each brewery
  • Beer Snacks
  • Tour in English
  • Local guide / experienced brewer
  • Private transfer with a brand new minibus
  • Licensed driver

Self-Guided Tour

  • Visit of 2 breweries 
  • 3 beers x 300ml in each brewery
  • Beer Snacks
  • Tour in English or Bulgarian
  • Itinerary and program
  • All necessary arrangements

The hidden micro breweries of Sofia



To make a micro brewery in Bulgaria is a challenging mission and you really need some balls. There is no better proof than the story of Cohones with their 120 visits to the Bulgarian government agencies and the fact the guys left their jobs to do what they love. Hidden in the outskirts of Sofia this small micro brewery with its team of three experts has some great beers to offer.


359 Brewery

359 Brewery, brewing Divo Pivo, is one of the very first microbreweries in Bulgaria. It was established in the end of 2011 and officially started operations on 1 May 2014. Interestingly, in January 2018 the brewery was completely destroyed by a big fire. With no time to waste, the team started again from scratch. Half a year later the new brewery had begun brewing beer again but this time at a different location kept in secret. We will go through all the steps brewing from the grain to the final product and then, we will stop at the cooling chamber to pick up some extremely fresh beers.


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